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I am José Camacho and I am specialized in wedding videos and photos in Huelva, Seville, Córdoba and in the whole of Spain or international territory. I am a photographer and videographer with the intention of telling the story of your wedding, I love making videos with cinematographic style, charming weddings, original weddings and of course, I could not ignore the videos and photos of weddings on the beach, with those incredible sunsets that we are lucky to have so close.

I also work in other fields such as advertising, music videos, event videos and fashion films. My work in weddings has taken me to many places from Huelva, Seville, Córdoba to many others in Spain and the world. I have been to weddings of all kinds but I still get excited when I am alone at home editing the images of a wedding for real love.

What I do is more than a memory of your wedding, I want to convey emotions and show the most artistic side of that special day as your wedding day. I do not subcontract or refer to other people, each wedding is special for me and a unique artistic work with many hours of effort, all the work from image capture to post-production is done by me, José Camacho, guaranteeing that the result end corresponds to the quality that I usually give. I do my work with care, dedicating time and the much-needed breaks to see it again and appreciate it better.

Here I will try to explain my personal vision, what I consider after many years of experience that gives the best possible result for such a unique event. In a wedding you cannot fail, there is no second take.